Health Care

Amaze provides an end-to-end Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Solution driven by data analytics and technology. We specializes in medical coding, medical billing, Accounts Receivables Management and other healthcare related services.

Amaze leverage its expertise in US Healthcare domain to provide RCM Solution to providers to maximize collection from Payors and Patients for the services rendered.


Convert your physcial documents, books, certificates, photographs etc to electronic formats like pdf,tiff,jpg for archival and retrieval, Disaster Recovery Plan(DRP) and to minimize the cost.

Digitization helps accessing a document/book across the globe with at most security.


Amaze Academy is well established medical coding training centre.Training courses designed & reviewed by the experts in instructional design and certified professional coders from USA.

Medical Coding is an exciting career opportunities in healthcare industry with demand for certified coders in India, USA & UAE. Curriculum has been designed with more of practical coding workouts to assist immediate job placements.

Basic Coding : Introduction to medical coding, Anatomy and Physiology, Basics of ICD 9/10, CPT, Coding guidelines & Conventions, HIPPA Compliance, Practical Workouts and Assessments

Advanced Coding : ICD 9/10 Coding, CPT Coding, Hospital Coding & Billing Guidelines, HIPPA Compliance, Practical workouts and assessments, Mock CPC exams, Guidance for AAPC membership & Exam Registration


School ERP

Built-in Web-based School Management System integrated with State-of-Art Voice Communication Technology. Voice messages can be quickly created by the administrators, Head of School, Class Teachers using S2P Connect.It's an easy and cost-effective way to reach one to many communication.

NetSchools enables managing school activities like academics, examinations, fees collections, communication with parents and transport system etc. easily and effectively. NetSchools is a secure and user friendly online application which saves a lot of your managerial time and make your students & parents happy.


Voice Broadcasting

Voice messages can be quickly created by the administrators and authorised members using O2M Connect. The voice messages can be sent immediately to all the members in the group. Language is now no more a barrier!. It's an easy and cost-effective way to reach all members in less time.

It is scalable! Send a single message or thousands instantly! With O2M Connect, the net you cast is as big or small as you want it to be. Amaze™ can create customized solutions for your needs.